Monday, November 9, 2009


This has nothing to do with Auburn Football, but I just thought I would share a picture of the BBQ Pit that my Dad is building. It's going to be off the chain. My Grand parents used to run a BBQ Joint in Selma, AL in the 40's and their BBQ and sauce is tops and is being passed down to the family lines. Here are some pics of the pit he is building along with a link to my face book page with some pictures of a BBQ he directed for the St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Ooltewah, TN on a yearly basis.


Ed said...


themanfromearth said...

Nice looking pit. I'd love to build one. Did your dad get his design from anyplace in particular? War Eagle!

Eddie said...

theman- Just saw your post. He designed it himself based on his experience. The pit has already turned out some outstanding BBQ. Email me if you would like more info.